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How To Clean Blinds

The cleaning of the blinds does not appeal to anyone. However, it is a task that needs to be done. If you are tired of looking at dirty blinds, buy a damp cloth, a dry cloth, and a solution of water with white vinegar. These are the tools you need to clean your blinds.

Vinyl curtains are probably the easiest to clean. First, you should clean them with a clean, dry cloth. Close the blinds and gently rub to remove loose dirt and dust. Remember to do this with both sides of the blinds.

After removing the loose dirt, it is time to remove the remaining dirt. The white vinegar with water mixes this dirt best. Use a damp cloth to apply the vinegar solution. Clean the roller shutter carefully. Remember to clean in the same direction as the blinds. If the blinds are vertical, clean them vertically. Most vinyl window frames are horizontal and should be cleaned in this direction. You want to clean them on both sides to remove dirt and dirt from the blinds.

Then you can dry them with clean cloth by gently rubbing. Now you have pure blinds. To keep them clean and in good condition, remove the dust weekly with a dry cloth. Use vinegar and a damp cloth every six months to remove the adhering dirt. Their blinds always look beautiful and seldom need to be replaced with these cleaning tips. It is important that you do not exert too much pressure on the blinds when cleaning. Remember that only a gentle touch is required to avoid any tear and wear.

Some blinds can make special demands on the cleaning of blinds. You must first check with the manufacturer for a specific cleaning request. You may need a certain type of cloth or a type of cleansing lotion to maintain the quality of the blind. For example, some wooden and Venetian blinds may have a special requirement.

If you have questions or need help with cleaning, contact the manufacturer or distributor of the blinds from which you purchased the blinds. Venetian blinds offer many ways to decorate your home, protect your privacy while enjoying the natural sunlight or blocking the beautiful view of the window. Once you have determined what kind of blinds you want to hang up at home, you should measure each window and buy shutters of the correct width and length.

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CES 2019 Highlights

1.      HP

A fantastic and extensive line-up of products were announced as well as showcased during CES 2019 and with what we know, HP is set to release the products to the public as soon as Q2 quarter of 2019.

Some of the products include the Sure View, a privacy screen and the OMEN X Emperium 65.

What sets the OMEN X Emperium 65 apart is the fact that it has a soundbar installed and since it is a monitor optimized for gaming, it also comes with Nvidia’s G-Sync technology.

The monitor is expected to be launched at around $5000 and by early or late March.


Owners will also be able to access apps that will help them stream content such as Netflix and Hulu with the pleasure of viewing whatever is available at 4K HDR.

The HP Sure View privacy screen is now in its third generation, and with this product, customers will be shown a brand new way to protect delicate information regardless of where you are.

Some of the monitors that were unveiled under HP’s newest line of products will feature the HP Sure View which includes the EliteDisplay E243p. The price of the Sure View monitor is expected to be around $400. EliteOne 800 AiO G5 will also feature the Sure View technology, but neither the pricing nor the availability of the monitor has been known to the public.

2.      Intel

The keynote addressed by Intel gave people a pleasant surprise with the 9th generation core processors being announced. This will range from all the way down to i3 to all the way up to i9 processors.

As of now, no release date has been announced, but it has been stated by Intel that they will be available from sometime in Q1 of 2019.


Another surprise and quite possibly one of the most significant news that Intel’s keynote has to deliver was that the company had successfully developed 10nm processors.

3.      Sony

A bit of disappointment could have been felt when viewers of Sony’s keynote realized that there wasn’t going to be anything significant this year apart from a few products.

But one of the most exciting news for high fidelity enthusiasts was that 8K TVs were announced which were named the Master Series Z9G which is set to offer two different variants. One of the options will be 85 inches while the other will be 98.

The Master Series will also feature everything that smart TV users will be familiar with such as the Google Assistant.


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